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Fast Facts:
Weaving Capacity: 24 million yards per year
Dyeing-Finishing Capacity: 30 million yards per year
Machineries Profile:
Sizing & Warping : Karl Meyer
Looms : 104 Airjet (Toyota)
120 Rapier (Ishikawa)
Singeing-Desizing : Kusters
Bleaching : Kusters
Mercerizing : Kyoto
Thermosol : Bruckner
PadSteam : Kusters
Washing : Kusters
CPB : Kusters
Stenter : Bruckner
Sanforizing : Monforts
Peaching : Lampherti, Unitech (Carbon Brush)
Sourcing of Materials:
Yarn: High quality yarn is being used from renowned spinners in Bangladesh, India, Thailand & Indonesia.
Greig: In addition to its own weaving production, the company also sources cotton and blended grey fabric from Indonesia, Thailand and India.
Dyes & Chemicals: Using 100 Percent European chemicals from world renowned companies such as BASF, Bezema, Dystar, Huntsman (Ciba), Clariant, CHT, Rudolf etc.
Mahin Group
Hamid Tower (5th & 6th Floor)
24, Gulshan C/A, Circle-2, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Phone: (+8802) 8834564-5, 8834104, 9894589, 8814775, 8833549
Fax: (+8802) 8813077
Email: info@mahingroup.com
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